"We design and build spaces for your lifestyle."

Robert is the founder of Tribeca Design Build.  As a child he was always building things. Now he builds things for architects, designers, contractors, and personal clients. He even builds things for himself.

Whether you're building new or remodeling, creating a family kitchen, dining room, common room, bedroom, or work/office, we'll help you weigh your options and make thoughtful choices that will endure over time.

Small or large project, the challenge is the same -- to help our clients find the best way to solve their issue and to build it the best way possible. Our shop continually monitors the latest technology in the construction trades, but we don't think tools have all the answers. Our skilled craftsmen have years of experience, and we can help you understand the possibilities for your project.



While most of our commissions and projects are in the New York City Metropolitan area, we're happy to discuss specific needs for existing and new clients.

Our state of the art workshop is in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and is easily accessible by car or public transportation. We have a fully-equipped CNC machining facility as well as a finishing lab, and every piece we create for your project is fabricated locally in our workshop.

How It Works

How It Works

If you are an architect, designer or just simply have an idea in mind, we want to hear from you!

Send along inquiries, designs and ideas to us, and someone from our team will reach out to you.  Depending on the size of the project, Robert and our team will diligently to review your plans and send you a proposal.  Robert will work closely with you to bring your designs to life.

To discuss the possibilities, share your goals, or simply get started, Contact Us today.





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